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Dick Rogan to Speak at SAMA Conference

I will be a panelist discussing “Specialized Loan Workouts” at the upcoming 4th Annual Special Assets Management Association conference to be held next week at the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel. My fellow panelists are the highly capable workout professional Cyndee Herles, Senior Vice President of Comerica Bank and hotel receiver Tim Post of Amber Hotels, Inc.

Cyndee, Tim and I will be discussing various topics of current interest to workout professionals. Our panel’s presentation is set for 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, 2013.

Topics of discussion will include practical tips on how to size up a problem loan, what to give counsel, how to assess a Chapter 11 filing at the outset, when to get a receiver appointed, when not to get a receiver appointed and how to work with a receiver to maximize recovery for the Bank.

If you are attending the SAMA Conference, catch my partners, Joel Berman and Barry Freeman on Thursday morning, April 18. Joel is on the always interesting “Lender Liability” panel at 8:30 a.m.. Barry is on the panel discussing the important topic, “Engagement of Financial Consultants and Advisors,” starting at 11:00 a.m.

SAMA is a terrific organization dedicated to workout professionals. Meetings are held in both Northern and Southern California. If I don’t see you at the SAMA Conference next week, I hope to see you at a Northern California meeting sometime this year.

This is Dick Rogan, bank lawyer and author of, signing off for now. Join us again soon to check out what’s new in the World of Workouts.


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NOTE TO CONSUMERS: As a matter of Firm policy, JMBM does not represent individual consumers who have disputes with their lenders. Many lenders have specialized consumer workout professionals who have the time to help consumer borrowers. There are many fine attorneys who specialize in representing consumers. Individuals with consumer lending problems should contact a lawyer or law firm who specializes in consumer insolvency and bankruptcy in their local area. When in doubt, we suggest you contact your local bar association’s Lawyer Referral Service. [For example, see Bar Association of SF or LA County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Services]

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