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On Bank Litigation–E-discovery (Part 4): Establishing a Data Assembly Process

The final segment of Stan Gibson’s series on Litigation Readiness and Electronic Discovery addresses the practical problem of assembling and collecting all of the data needed for use in the lawsuit. Stan’s point is that advance preparation, a luxury in today’s fast-paced, cost conscious world, pays dividends when a lender is faced with short time […]

On Bank Litigation–E-discovery (Part 2): The Litigation Hold Process

Stan Gibson’s timely series on Litigation Readiness and Electronic Discovery continues with an explanation of the vital “Litigation Hold” process, what it is and how it is implemented. Stan is co-chair of JMBM’s E-Discovery Group, and at my request, is sharing his wealth of knowledge with our readers in a four-segment series. Members of the […]

On Bank Litigation–E-discovery (Part 1): Record Retention and Compliance

E-discovery, or electronic discovery, has come to California’s court system. Given our litigious society, there is a good chance that your bank or financial institution will soon be responding to requests for e-discovery. Litigation is never the process of choice, but as all workout professionals know, there are times when the only way to collect […]

Bankruptcy Special Assets Law: How do lenders, manufacturers and investors preserve value, minimize loss and repurpose shuttered motor vehicle dealerships?

Thousands of motor vehicles dealerships will fail before the restructuring of the auto industry is over. Clients of the JMBM Special Assets Team™ are facing significant potential losses on loans to dealerships and property owners as these once-thriving local businesses fall on hard times, fail and close. As in every crisis, a calm, guiding hand […]

Bank Litigation: California’s New Elder Abuse Law is being Abused

With great fanfare, the California Legislature passed a bill in 2008 that amends the State’s Elder Abuse Law. Neither the legislators nor Governor Schwarzenegger must have paid much attention to this legislative travesty, given the ongoing budget crisis, because this bill is a real doozy. No one wants to see financial abuse of the elderly, […]