Jon Welner

Prevailing Wage

CalCIMA ‘Checklist’ for Compliance with AB 219: New Prevailing Wage Requirements for Concrete Suppliers

In 2015 the California State Legislature passed AB 219, a bill that extends California prevailing wage requirements to ready mixed concrete suppliers, effective July 1, 2016. The new law represents a sea-change in California prevailing wage law. Previously, the law required only contractors working on “public works” to pay the “prevailing wage” specified by the […]


California Current: Guest Juice: Ag Elbows Renewables

Guest Juice: Ag Elbows Renewables By Jon Welner This article was posted by California Current on April 6, 2012 California’s rural landscapes are some of the most productive farmlands in the world. However, some of the qualities that make these lands suitable for farming–sunshine and wide open spaces–also make them attractive for another kind of […]

Electric Light & Power: Paved With Good Intentions

Jon Welner’s article discussing the impact of proposed California Green House Gas regulations, “Paved With Good Intentions” appeared in Electric Light & Power, in the July/August issue of 2008.