Labor & Employment

The California Court of Appeal Further Burdens California Hospitals by Barring Meal Waivers for Employees Working Long Shifts

The California Court of Appeal’s decision in Gerard v. Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, decided on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, landed a severe blow to California’s already struggling Hospitals. In Gerard, the Court invalidated a section of Wage Order 5 relating to meal period waivers in the Health Care Industry which has been relied upon […]

Intellectual Property

Daily Journal: Eyeing the Intellectual Property of Wearable Tech

Rod Berman’s article, co-authored by Alexandra Jia, “Eyeing the Intellectual Property of Wearable Tech,” was published by the Daily Journal. Wearable technology such as Google® Glass (a wearable eyepiece computer that features an LCD screen display and voice activated technology), is proliferating and is impacting a wide range of industries. In this article, Rod Berman […]