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2006 Articles

Corporate and Discovery Technology Group™ JMBM Corporate Update: A Practical Approach To Creating And Implementing A Records Retention Plan

The Problem—The Information Explosion Meets Electronic Discovery The explosion in the amount of electronic business records, now nearly 20 trillion documents a year, is a byproduct of technology-driven gains in productivity. Unfortunately, the way these proliferating records are often mishandled is a disaster waiting to happen. E-mail is now the majority of evidence in litigation, […]

Corporate JMBM Corporate Update: SB1306 and Corporate Communications

California has adopted legislation which changes how companies can use electronic communications in their “corporate communications.” The changes broaden the options available to corporations for conducting many of their required communications, such as meetings of boards of directors, shareholder meetings, delivering notices of meetings, taking actions without a meeting and annual reports. In most cases, […]