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March, 2007 Articles

ADA Representation and Global Hospitality Group® JMBM Alert: Is Your Hotel’s Online Reservation System a Golden Marketing Opportunity or an ADA Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted by Congress in July 1990, the Internet was in its infancy and few, if any, considered its applicability to cyberspace. But a San Francisco Federal judge’s recent decision not to dismiss a discrimination case against retailer Target Corporation has brought the issue to the forefront. Believed […]

Corporate JMBM IP Update: Employee and Customer Non-Solicitation Agreement Invalid

The California courts have recently held that a seller’s agreement not to solicit employees of the buyer is too broad under California Business and Professions Code Sec. 16601, and thus not enforceable. In Strategix, Ltd. v. Infocrossing, _ Cal. Rptr. 3d _ (4th Dist. 2006), the court said any such restrictions on employee solicitation must […]