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2009 Articles

Ethical Lapse: Don’t Abuse the Collateral

After the Bank forecloses on its collateral, it is important to administer the collateral in a commercially reasonable manner. The collateral is the source of repayment for the Bank. It is important to preserve its value and to liquidate it to pay off the loan to the extent possible. Workout professionals who are charged with […]

Bankruptcy, Corporate, Creditors' Rights and Distressed Assets & Real Estate

Corporate Law Winter 2010 Newsletter: Creditors’ Rights: California Now Allows Personal Property Judgment Liens to be Extended for More Than Five Years

You’ve gotten a judgment against that troublesome borrower who hides assets and plays games, but you are afraid that it will be many moons before you are able to collect. You know that one of the best ways to get this kind of person to deal with you is to get a statewide judgment lien […]


Corporate Law Newsletter Winter 2010: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Part I This article is the first in a series about cloud computing. Read parts two and three to get the full story. On October 29, 2009, the City of Los Angeles announced that it is outsourcing its e-mail services to Google, becoming the largest governmental body to outsource such a key computer […]

ADA Representation and Global Hospitality Group®

Hotel Online: Hotel Lawyers and the ADA: Is the DOJ's ADA Compliance Survey Coming to Your City Soon? What to do when you receive the DOJ's ADA Compliance Review questionnaire

Jim Butler and Marty Orlick’s blog article "Hotel Lawyers and the ADA: Is the DOJ’s ADA Compliance Survey Coming to Your City Soon? What to do when you receive the DOJ’s ADA Compliance Review questionnaire" appeared in Hotel Online,, Hotel Resource and

Why It Is Important to Obtain and Serve an Order for Examination of a Judgment Debtor

As any experienced workout professional knows, getting a judgment against a recalcitrant borrower is only the halfway point in the collection process. Some borrowers would rather fight their lender than pay back the money they borrowed. To collect, the lender must persevere and take a number of steps to perfect its judgment lien and put […]

Land Use

David Cincotta, JMBM land use lawyer, obtains approval for first major project under San Francisco’s “Market & Octavia Plan”

JMBM government and land use attorney David Cincotta navigated a new high rise development through the minefields of the permit approval process for the recently-adopted Market & Octavia Plan in San Francisco. After considerable opposition and appeals from both labor unions and local neighborhood groups, the Board of Supervisors rejected all appeals in November and […]

Land Use

JMBM Secures Approval for New Luxury Hotel in Hollywood

On October 8, 2009, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission unanimously approved a luxury 80-room boutique hotel in the historic Security Pacific Bank Building at the corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga. Based on the work of JMBM and the project team, the hotel concept received vast community support ranging from historic preservation associations to neighborhood […]