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September, 2009 Articles


Special Assets Law: How do lenders, manufacturers and investors preserve value, minimize loss and repurpose shuttered motor vehicle dealerships?

Thousands of motor vehicles dealerships will fail before the restructuring of the auto industry is over. Clients of the JMBM Special Assets Team™ are facing significant potential losses on loans to dealerships and property owners as these once-thriving local businesses fall on hard times, fail and close. As in every crisis, a calm, guiding hand […]

Our Deals and Cases

Whether it is a solution to a problem or the response to an opportunity, the JMBM Special Assets Team™ of finance, real estate, bankruptcy, tax and land use lawyers mobilize quickly to address the complex issues raised by troubled loans and distressed real estate and other assets. To position our clients for the best possible […]

Problem Loans: Landlord’s Waiver, a “Must” Document

An asset-based lender must be prepared to sell the collateral to get the loan repaid. Often, the collateral is sold at auction, and it is essential that the lender be able to give access to the auctioneer and give the auctioneer plenty of time to set up and advertise the auction. Borrowers often operate out […]

Receivership 101–What you need to know now!

About 10 years ago, one of our veteran workout professional clients realized that many bankers on his staff did not know what a receiver does, why a bank might want to have a receiver appointed and how a receivership works. He asked me to come to their offices and explain the concept of receiverships. I […]

Programs & Events

From time to time, the JMBM Special Assets Team™ members make speeches, appear on panels and present webinars about topics of interest to workout professionals. These programs are a great opportunity for workout professionals to ask questions, keep up to date and to network. The Special Assets Lawyer Blog features a “Programs & Events” button […]