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China Business Law Journal: Managing a Corruption Investigation in China

What are you going to do now? Employees in your production plant in China, aided by a couple of management-level employees in your home office in the US, may have bribed Chinese government
officials, avoided paying Chinese taxes, and possibly engaged in a host of other regulatory and criminal violations of Chinese laws. This seems to have occurred despite your company’s robust compliance programme, implemented as advocated by the many legal observers who, for good reason, counsel that such programmes are essential in managing risk against the increasingly enforced Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
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您将采取什么样的行动?您在中国生 产厂的雇员在您美国总部管理层雇 员的资助下, 可能已经贿赂中国政府官员、逃避中国税款、且可能从事违反中国管理法 规和刑法的违法行为。许多法律评论员建议 在《海外反腐败法》加强执行的过程中, 为 了管理风险而必须实施合规计划, 贵司虽然 也因此坚定地实施合规计划, 但仍然会发生 上述腐败行为。《海外反腐败法》是一部有 效的反腐法规, 管辖范围非常广阔, 在某些 情况下, 甚至大量适用于美国领域之外的公 司。即使贵司采取了避免《海外反腐败法》问题而能够采取的一切措施, 有时仍会发生 不法行为。我们在此提供一些实用的优先措 施, 以帮助贵司渡过难关。