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November, 2010 Articles

Los Angeles Business Journal: Reining In Area Planning Commissions

Reining In Area Planning Commissions OP-ED: Decision against planned Brentwood restaurant — later overturned — shows dangers of local control. This article originally ran in the Los Angeles Business Journal on Monday, November 15. Reprinted with permission. You can view the original version here. In 2000, the voters of the city of Los Angeles adopted […]

Taxation and Trusts & Estates Elite Advisor Forum: GRATs: Time Is Running Out

Burton Mitchell‘s article titled “GRATs: Time Is Running Out” was published in the Elite Advisor Forum. To view this article as a pdf, click here. “By transferring appreciating assets to a GRAT, individuals may transfer those assets free of gift or estate taxes, provided the grantor outlives the GRAT annuity term and the transferred assets […]

Litigation Size Them Up: Picking – or Rather, “Excluding” – a Jury

Orange County Litigation Newsletter, Fall 2010 Size Them Up: Picking – or Rather, “Excluding” – a Jury Clarence Darrow, one of the most famous American lawyers and civil libertarians, wrote in “How to Pick A Jury,” Esquire, May 1936: “It is obvious that if a litigant discovered one of his dearest friends in the jury […]

Land Use JMBM Development Rights Newsletter: Area Planning Commissions Need Help

JMBM Development Rights Newsletter Fall 2010 Area Planning Commissions Need Help In the City of Los Angeles we have seven Area Planning Commissions (known as “APCs”), each consisting of five volunteer members appointed by the Mayor and covering a distinct geographical part of the city. These APC commissioners need not and, in fact, do not […]