April, 2011 Articles

Learn about Legal Issues Affecting California Banks – Attend California Bankers Association’s Annual Bank Counsel Seminar from May 4-6

Another noteworthy conference happening next week is the California Bankers Association’s 44th Annual Bank Counsel Seminar from May 4-6 in Huntington Beach. Influential lenders, bank counsel, outside counsel, attorneys from bank regulatory agencies, and compliance officers will be in attendance for this three-day educational event, with seminars customized for each type of audience. I have […]


Orange County Lawyer: The Science and Art of Advocacy

An article by Mark Adams on jury selection, "The Science and Art of Advocacy," was published as a special feature in the April 2011 edition of Orange County Lawyer. In the article, Mark details successful strategies for choosing members of a jury and discusses why jury selection is an important part of trying a case […]

Successor Liability Law – Avoiding the Surprises of Successor Liability

When a bank makes a loan, it underwrites the deal to determine whether the risk of repayment is reasonable. Banks don’t consider the risk of acquiring the business that is being financed. All too often, of course, when a loan goes bad, the Bank ends up with its collateral, and occasionally, must essentially operate that […]