October, 2011 Articles

Trusts & Estates

Elite Advisor Forum: Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes–Part 2

Jill Henderson and Burton Mitchell’s article titled “Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes (Part 2 of 2)” was published by the Elite Advisor Forum. The article begins below. For Part 1, click here. Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes (Part 2 of 2) By Burton Mitchell and Jill Skinner This article was first published as a two-part […]

Taxation and Trusts & Estates

Volatility Can Kill Your Variable Life Policy

Volatility Can Kill Your Variable Life Policy By Gordon A. Schaller You or your spouse or parents may have purchased a life insurance policy several years ago. You always thought life insurance was a bad investment with returns of only 3-4%. However, this policy was supposed to be different – the premiums could be flexible […]


When Your Borrower Files Bankruptcy – A 10-Point Checklist

This past quarter end once again reminded us that the economy remains weak and borrowers who have managed to hang on for the past three or four years are running out of staying power. The topic again arose – what to do when a borrower files bankruptcy? Faced with the prospect of throwing good money […]