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Daily Journal: Eyeing the Intellectual Property of Wearable Tech

Rod Berman’s article, co-authored by Alexandra Jia, “Eyeing the Intellectual Property of Wearable Tech,” was published by the Daily Journal.

Wearable technology such as Google® Glass (a wearable eyepiece computer that features an LCD screen display and voice activated technology), is proliferating and is impacting a wide range of industries. In this article, Rod Berman and Alexandra Jia discuss some of the IP issues related to wearable devices that both in-house lawyers and outside counsel need to consider. They write:

“Overall, intellectual property or ‘IP’ strategies particular to wearable technology encompass approaching the wearable devices from all sides: considering intellectual property inside and outside for each component, method step, functionality, appearance, and content. Those interested in protecting the IP rights associated with a given wearable must consider patents (utility and design), copyrights, trade dress, trademarks and trade secrets. Moreover, given the speed at which the landscape of wearable technology is maturing and expanding, one should be mindful of matching that speed with expedited IP filings, as well as varied scopes of IP protection available in different territorialities under different treaties.”

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