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Martin H. Orlick

ADA Representation Are Your Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Accessible to Disabled Guests/Customers?

With the surge in popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, the need to provide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) is on the rise at hotels, shopping centers, theatres, stadiums, apartment communities and parking garages. Whether on highways or at dealerships, if your EVCS are not accessible to your disabled guests, customers, tenants, or transient parkers, here is what you […]

ADA Representation The California Legislature Bites Back in Look Who’s Crying Woof, Part II

The California Legislature Bites Back in Look Who’s Crying Woof, Part II The Crisis Over “Emotional Support” Animals By Martin H. Orlick With alarming frequency, building owners, property managers, apartment owners, restaurants, theaters and shopping malls are confronted with making decisions as to whether a dog is a bona fide “service animal”, an “emotional support […]

ADA Representation Regional and Community Banks are the Latest Targets of ADA Cyber Accessibility Attacks

This article was first published by the California Bankers Association.   In January, 2016, Carlson Lynch Sweet & Kilpela (“CLSK”) sent hundreds of near-identical form letters to national retailers, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, claiming that their internet-based services (retail websites) discriminate against persons who are visually disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA). The letters contend […]