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Mark S. Adams

Litigation COVID-19 Coronavirus as a Force Majeure Defense to Contractual Non-performance

One often doesn’t know the extent of one’s insurance coverage until a calamity occurs. So it is with force majeure provisions in contracts Typically, force majeure provisions are included in contracts to excuse a party from contractual obligations if some unforeseen event beyond its control prevents performance of its contractual obligations. As of March 2, […]

Litigation The director’s friend: The business judgment rule

The director’s friend: The business judgment rule By Mark Adams Reprinted with permission, Orange County Business Journal, August 27, 2012   A corporate director is entrusted to act for and on behalf of the corporation and its shareholders in managing the corporation’s affairs. A director assumes fiduciary duties and is expected to act with honesty, loyalty, […]

Litigation Pennsylvania Bar Institute: Witness Preparation

Mark Adams is a contributing author to the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s publication, Witness Preparation (PBI No. 2011 – 6846). Mark contributed the Section, "Expert Testimony, A Trial Lawyer’s Checklist" which covers selecting an expert, engaging an expert, preparing for testifying, direct examination at trial, and cross examination at trial. See the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s publications […]

Litigation Orange County Business Journal: U.S. Supreme Court Limits Class Action Lawsuits

U.S. Supreme Court Limits Class Action Lawsuits The heavy hand of litigation v. the invisible hand of the marketplace This article by Mark Adams was originally published in the Orange County Business Journal. Download the PDF: Orange County Business Journal–US Supreme Court Limits Class Action Lawsuits On April 27, 2011, the United States Supreme Court […]