April, 2010 Articles

Guaranties 101: What is a Continuing Guaranty? What is the difference between a Guaranty of Payment and a Guaranty of Performance? Must a Guaranty have a Limit or Maximum Amount?

Payment of most commercial loans to small businesses is personally guarantied by the owners of the business. While there is no hard and fast rule as to when a commercial loan must be guarantied, most lenders ask for the owners to guaranty payment of credit extended to a corporate or limited liability company (“LLC”) borrower. […]

Intellectual Property

The Daily Journal: New Cottage Industry: Boon or Bust?

New Cottage Industry: Boon or Bust? By Rod S. Berman Reprinted with the permission of Daily Journal Corp. (2010) Legal cottage industries built upon claims of intellectual property infringement are established and growing. For example, in the apparel field, entities purporting to own copyrighted fabric designs are employing the Copyright Act to obtain huge numbers […]

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Protecting Ownership of Your Property: The Importance of Employment Agreements

Protecting Ownership of Your Property: The Importance of Employment Agreements A recent decision from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Stanford University v. Roche, 516 F.3d 1003 (Fed. Cir. 2009), highlights the importance of employment agreements in protecting the ownership of intellectual property. In Roche, the Federal Circuit faced the issue of whether Stanford University […]


Served Today, Trial Tomorrow

Served Today, Trial Tomorrow You could be in trial tomorrow on a case that was filed last week. This has been a surprising reality for clients – and lawyers. A special provision in the California Corporations Code Section 709, requires a trial to begin within five days once an action to determine the validity of […]