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July, 2015 Articles

Litigation The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act: The Return of Arbitration as a Quick and Cost-Effective Way for Businesses to Resolve Their Disputes Privately

Arbitration was originally created to provide parties with a speedy and less expensive forum for resolving disputes outside of the courts, but has eroded over the years to become equally, if not more, expensive and time consuming than litigation. To curb that trend, one state has enacted an innovative statutory scheme whose express purpose is […]

Intellectual Property Thomson Reuters: Wearable technology: Brand Implications and Strategies

Rod Berman’s white paper, “Wearable technology: Brand Implications and Strategies” was published by Thomson Reuters in July 2015. An excerpt follows: Wristbands that record and analyze your physical activity. Gloves that help manufacturing workers work smarter. Glasses that put a world of information and communication in your line of sight. These are just a few examples of the “wearable […]