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2022 Articles

Intellectual Property U.S. Trademark Application Subjects Applicant to Service in U.S.

As a matter of first impression, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that in court proceedings affecting a mark that is the subject of a U.S. trademark application or registration, a foreign-domiciled applicant or registrant can be served through the domestic agent designated by it in the United States Patent and Trademark Office […]

Corporate Can Twitter and Other Online Platforms Legally Moderate Content?

Can Twitter and Other Online Platforms Legally Moderate Content? By Julian Oscar Alvarez, Litigation Department and Nathan M. Shaw, Corporate Department In recent months, a growing number of commentators have suggested that an internet platform such as Twitter commits censorship when it chooses to remove content a user posts on one of its webpages, and/or […]

Labor & Employment Labor & Employment New Year Roundup: What’s Coming Up in 2023

With a new year on the horizon, California employers should be prepared to address recent court cases and several changes in legislation that will impact workplace policies, including employee sick and bereavement leave, drug testing and privacy rights. Are you ready? Our roundup will help you identify the issues relevant to your business in 2023; […]

Labor & Employment Punch Rounding Not Absolute Defense to Wage Claim

This article is part of our 2022 Labor & Employment New Year Roundup.   Employers sometimes adopt punch rounding policies for employee time keeping in circumstances where it is difficult to determine exactly when the employee starts and stops working, to simplify the calculation of pay, and to render wage statements easier for employees to […]

Labor & Employment The California Privacy Rights Act Amends Existing Law

This article is part of our 2022 Labor & Employment New Year Roundup. These days, most businesses collect and store consumer data, and nearly all businesses maintain employee data. If your business does either (or both), you should be aware of new obligations imposed by recent legislation. Below is a summary of California’s recent legislation […]

Corporate Time to Appoint an Authorized User

In April 2022, the California Secretary of State launched its new online filing system, “bizfile.” While many of its features are convenient, existing entities are required to designate an “Authorized User” in order to file documents online. It’s particularly important to consider this, since expedited filing options are only available online, and not over the counter. Many […]

Intellectual Property Experiencing The Metaverse Through IP Goggles

You are likely familiar with a relatively recent buzzword that has been making the rounds, “the metaverse.” The metaverse generally refers to an immersive collection of digital platforms where users can interact with different spaces, users, and things through digital avatars. While there is debate and skepticism surrounding the metaverse, one thing is certain: the […]