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Benjamin M. Reznik

White Collar Defense & Investigations White Collar Enforcement Forecast: What to Expect in 2021

Changes in administrations often bring changes in law enforcement priorities. Whereas fines and prosecutions of white collar offenses declined under the previous administration, we can expect increased white collar enforcement under the Biden administration as new federal anti-money laundering laws take effect and new leadership is installed at the U.S. Department of Justice and other […]

Land Use and Real Estate JMBM 2013 California Real Estate Survey

To review the statistical results of the survey, click here. JMBM’s Real Estate Group recently polled nearly 200 California real estate professionals, gathering their views about the California real estate market and their expectations for 2013. According to these industry insiders, there is a lot of good news to report. California real estate appears to […]

Land Use Los Angeles Business Journal: Subdivide and Conquer

Subdivide and Conquer OP-ED: Benedict Canyon residents hope to hold up proposed estate home by misusing L.A. city code on single lots Benjamin M. Reznik January 16, 2012 © Los Angeles Business Journal. Reprinted with permission. Click here to see the LABJ column. What a way to start off the year. As if things were […]

Los Angeles Business Journal: Reining In Area Planning Commissions

Reining In Area Planning Commissions OP-ED: Decision against planned Brentwood restaurant — later overturned — shows dangers of local control. This article originally ran in the Los Angeles Business Journal on Monday, November 15. Reprinted with permission. You can view the original version here. In 2000, the voters of the city of Los Angeles adopted […]

Land Use JMBM Development Rights Newsletter: Area Planning Commissions Need Help

JMBM Development Rights Newsletter Fall 2010 Area Planning Commissions Need Help In the City of Los Angeles we have seven Area Planning Commissions (known as “APCs”), each consisting of five volunteer members appointed by the Mayor and covering a distinct geographical part of the city. These APC commissioners need not and, in fact, do not […]

JMBM 2010 Real Estate & Land Use Survey

JMBM 2010 Real Estate & Land Use Survey Caution remains the watchword even as bearish sentiment declines JMBM’s 2010 California Real Estate & Land Use Survey gathered data from 98 executives, 49 percent of whom identified themselves as developers and 49 percent as capital providers. Respondents indicating they were “bearish’ about the market declined from […]

Land Use Affordable Housing Mandates Must Comply with State Law

Affordable Housing Mandates Must Comply with State Law Two recent court decisions have materially changed the affordable housing game as it’s been played by local governments throughout California. In Palmer/Sixth Street Properties, L.P. et al. v. City of Los Angeles (a case in which JMBM represented the developer at all the administrative hearings), the California […]