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Rod S. Berman

Intellectual Property Bloomberg BNA’s Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal: Tax Incentives for Intellectual Property

Rod S. Berman’s article, “Tax Incentives for Intellectual Property,” was published by the Bloomberg BNA Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal on July 29, 2016. An excerpt follows: In the increasingly global world economy, the United States and other countries face an increasing challenge in attempting to remain attractive jurisdictions for the development and relocation of intellectual […]

Intellectual Property IP Frontline: Why Early Trademark Filing Is Crucial In China

A recent trademark ruling in China has underscored the importance of early filing of trademark applications – for both the brand names themselves, as well as the Chinese versions of the brand names (i.e., the brand’s phonetic equivalent and meaning equivalent written in Chinese characters) – any time a brand owner’s future plans may include […]

Intellectual Property Thomson Reuters: Wearable technology: Brand Implications and Strategies

Rod Berman’s white paper, “Wearable technology: Brand Implications and Strategies” was published by Thomson Reuters in July 2015. An excerpt follows: Wristbands that record and analyze your physical activity. Gloves that help manufacturing workers work smarter. Glasses that put a world of information and communication in your line of sight. These are just a few examples of the “wearable […]

Intellectual Property Daily Journal: Eyeing the Intellectual Property of Wearable Tech

Rod Berman’s article, co-authored by Alexandra Jia, “Eyeing the Intellectual Property of Wearable Tech,” was published by the Daily Journal. Wearable technology such as Google® Glass (a wearable eyepiece computer that features an LCD screen display and voice activated technology), is proliferating and is impacting a wide range of industries. In this article, Rod Berman […]

Intellectual Property Bloomberg Law Reports: “Hot News” and Preemption

“Hot News” and Preemption by Rod Berman This article was originally published in Bloomberg Law Reports on September 6, 2011. Download the PDF: “Hot News” and Preemption In Barclays Capital Inc. v., Inc., the Southern District of New York ruled that Theflyonthewall’s use of stock recommendations developed by a number of financial institutions constituted […]

Intellectual Property and Labor & Employment Employee Relations Law Journal: Recent Federal Third Circuit Case Sheds Light on Possible Enforceable Non-Competes in California: Lessons from Bimbo Bakeries v. Botticella

Recent Federal Third Circuit Case Sheds Light on Possible Enforceable Non-Competes in California: Lessons from Bimbo Bakeries v. Botticella By Rod S. Berman and Barbra A. Arnold Reprinted with permission from the Employee Relations Law Journal, Aspen Publishers. To view this article as a pdf, click here. Notwithstanding everything known about how courts cannot prevent […]